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In the business world, visuals and perception rank highly in terms what it means to be successful. Visuals are part of marketing and PR which are vitally important to all businesses big and small. If your business has a negative image among the public the likelihood of you staying is business is going to be short-lived.

If the interior of your office building is visually unappealing such as having dirty carpet or carpet that is torn and frayed, this could reflect badly on your business even if you have the best produce in town. Ultimately customers won’t buy from a business they don’t trust. A clean office environment makes a far more welcoming atmosphere than a dirty office.

How Can San Antonio Carpet Repair Help Me?

Helping turn your office building into an asset is what San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning does best. We can turn your dirty carpet into a customer attracting asset in no time.

We understand that carpet care might not be your first priority on your list and that’s acceptable. San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning is here to manage your carpet care so that you do not have to

Did you know that dust, that has collected in your carpeting, could affect your employee’s cognitive abilities especially if they suffer from allergies. As a business owner you want your employees on their A game. A simple carpet cleaning will ensure that your employees are happy, healthy and not using sick days! We can help you make this a reality

We offer a number of carpet repair and cleaning solutions for our commercial clients like you.

A fairly common issue that we hear from our commercial clients is the issue of commercial carpet seams.

How Do We Your Carpet?

Carpet seams which are in good condition simply need a re-applying of latex adhesive to bond the edges back together. This can be an easy and uncomplicated procedure that can make your carpet look like new again

In case any damage that has been sustained by your carpet seams will have to removed before the repair can take place. We eliminate the seam that is damaged and replace it using a piece of carpeting from an unused portion of the carpet.

We do this because we would like to retain the uniformity of your carpet. That is called our “long-term solution” and is exceptionally good at fixing your problem seams.

San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning offers tile to carpeting transitions for our commercial customers. Maintaining a safe workplace environment is essential for long term profitability of your business.

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