Water Damage

The desert southwest isn’t exactly know for its overabundance of water. In fact, in most of the southwest a drought has been declared. This doesn’t mean you have to stop worrying about water damage.

Water brings life but can also destroy your carpet and your home in a matter of hours. Water breeds mold and mildew. Once they take hold in your carpet and in your home it is almost impossible to get rid of permanently.

The is why we consider water to be public enemy number 1. If you detect water damage early, repairing your carpet is going to be the most cost effective choice.

Changing your carpeting may run you into the thousands of dollars with respect to the area of carpeting that must be changed. Why go through all of that if you don’t have to? We can help you save money so you can spend it on your kids or plan a vacation!

Did you know to replace 500 square feet of rug may cost you anywhere between $1,600- $2,100? This is just a rough ballpark figure. The price can be higher depending on the type of carpet that you get.

What if I told you San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning can cut these costs in half? How is that possible? The answer rests with our business philosophy.

We believe that it is better to repair your carpet than to replace it. It is the doctrine of our business and we’ve developed our company around this thought.

We Can Fix It!

Water damage does not mean that all is lost. This can be bad news for the carpet if not handled promptly. San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning has specially trained technicians that will fix this issue at a seconds notice.

Our goal, when we arrive at your property, will be to eliminate all of the water as soon as you can. We accomplish it by utilizing water removal methods such as high-powered truck mounted water extraction systems to quickly remove the moisture from your carpet. We also use high powered fans to dry out your carpet.

Dealing with a waterlogged carpeting isn’t the notion of pleasure for anyone but here are some suggestions that you can follow if you find yourself in this unfortunate position:

  • Call San Antonio Carpet Cleaning to request immediate clean up
  • Find the water’s source
  • Shut down supply of water
  • Shut your electricity off to mitigate electrocution risk

When you call San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning you can breathe easy knowing our technicians are learned, professional and dedicated to getting the job done. Our carpet repair technicians will restore your carpet back to its original state as if the water damage never happened!

Give us a call today at +1 210-787-2606 for hassle and stress-free estimate. If you have any questions about repairing water damaged carpet or any other questions feel free to ask them! We look forward to serving you and our community!