Seam Repair

Wall to wall carpeting in your home is great. It adds value and comfort to your home at affordable prices

Who doesn’t love wall to wall carpet? You can walk barefoot at night, it keeps your room warm and saves on the heating bill during the winter!These are all positive aspects of having wall to wall carpeting in your home. While these are great reasons to have carpeting in your home, did you know that most wall to wall carpeting is actually two or more pieces of carpet glued together?As you well know rooms come in different sizes whereas carpet is made in standard sizes. Carpet installers get around this dilemma by gluing two or more carpets together to get the wall to wall carpet effect. The only downside to this is the seams tend to break down over the years, leaving your carpeting looking shabby.Seams tend to get worn out as well as start to come apart when not properly maintained. They wear faster when they’re aged and exposed to lengthy periods of high heat.Without customers like you, San Antonio Carpet Repair wouldn’t exist!!

How Are Carpet Seams Repaired?

Just like all carpet repair jobs it depends on what type of harm your rug has. Your carpet might simply need to have the seams fused together again.

When we do that all we need to do is apply a latex bonding agent to the seams to generate a long-lasting permanent bond between the seams. This can be a relatively easy repair

In some cases will need to eliminate the seam that is broken and install and attach a new piece of carpet with a new seam if you have an older carpet that has substantial seam damage.

Seam repair is less expensive than replacing your carpet and will definitely prolong the life of your carpet!!

Do not replace it! Fix It!!

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