When done incorrectly, a carpeting transition into tile certainly will look terrible

If the transition was a DIY job gone awry or professionally-installed, San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning has the solutions to your issues.

Depending on your carpet to tile transition problem, it can be fixed by us with the following treatments.

Tack Strips: Carpet that’s flush with the tile normally requires a carpet re-stretching to fix the problem. This is a simple fix that will ensure a drum tight transition.

Rubber Reducers: This remedy is normally reserved for our commercial clients. Rubber reducers are a common sight in commercial buildings. San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning can replace the old and worn out reducers with ease. New rubber reducers keep your commercial buildings safe for employees and customers alike. Fresh rubber reducers also add visual appeal to your business.

Transition Strips: These come in three differing metal, wood and rubber styles. Each is geared toward the individual buyer’s preference. The all perform the same job equally well. Transitions strips are typically used when there is a height differential between the carpet and tile.

If you have important renovations under way please do not miss the carpet to tile transitions! When installed right, tile and carpet can seamlessly blend together to enhance your property.

San Antonio Carpet Repair and Cleaning values the importance of properly installed transitions and certainly will make sure they are installed right.

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